Villainess Captures Quartet Of Superheroines

23:13 video

Someimes my adventures with gorgeous Sandra Silvers (and her beautiful friends) unleashes my dark side and I turn into a nefarious Villainess with evil plans for lovely do-gooder ladies!

Caroline Pierce as Plunder Woman
Sandra Silvers as FreeDom
Vivienne Velvet as Flaming-O
Salena Kent as Space Cadet
Lisa Harlotte as Bombshell


Freeze, Lift & carry and Bound Orgasms for a quartet of Superheroines captured by a Super-Villainess! #Spandex #DuctTape #MILF

“Something’s not right. Finding Plunder Woman’s hidden lair shouldn’t have been this easy…” the buxom lioness of liberty, FreeDomme, pondered as the formidable femme foursome gazed upon the solid steel portcullis of PlunderWorld looming in front of them. The indestructible maiden of might’s monologue is cut short by Space Cadet, the gifted yet gullible gadget girl from the future, “According to my sensors, which, like, are never wrong, this is the only location on, like, the Earth with the same energy signature as the military’s stolen energy draining device and Plunder Woman’s orgasm extraction device. Also, according to my sensors, like, again, are never wrong, the lair appears completely abandoned with no powered defenses. It is my conclusion, and I am, like, never wrong, that we simply go in and retrieve the device.” “I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be that simple, Spacey…” decreed Bombshell, the dame of demolitions, “…there is no way she’s going to give up the device without a fight. And that’s fine with me!” “I agree with Bombshell…she is pretty…” FreeDomme muses as she tosses a knowing wink at the blond brawler, then continues, “She’s right though, thing’s aren’t what they appear to be. I’ve been trying to scan the complex with my penetra-vision but there is silver dust mixed into the concrete walls. I can’t see through it. That’s an awful lot of trouble to go through if Plunder Woman didn’t think I’d ever find this place.” “TALK, TALK, TALK!”, exclaimed Flaming-O –Scorching hot redhead with the command of combustion, as she points her arms at the barrier “zees talk is getting ahs no-vhere! I vill melt zis gate and take zee device…” “WAIT!” snaps FreeDomme as the barrier begins to open…

We join our heroines as they cautiously step into the dark lair. Instantly the gate slams shut behind them a purple glow envelops them and they are frozen in place! The evil Plunder Woman lets out an ominous laugh and commands her compliant giant, the brutish Brute, to lift and carry the stiffened crime fighters away.

The sirens in sexy spandex are bound side by side to poles with duct tape holding their arms tight behind them, and wraps cinching them securely at waists, elbows, and above and below their tits. Similarly, several layers are wrapped over their mouths and mouth stuffing, keeping the feisty foursome from fleeing while Plunder Woman examines and verbally teases her captives and Brute finishes securing the Evil Orgasm Extraction Devices cruelly on their clits and tightly taping their legs together. Their pernicious predicament has only just begun. The devices are then activated at will, over and over, by the leggy villain, bringing our heroines to orgasm after orgasm, each more excruciating then the next. After what seems like forever to the vibrating victims, she decides to pull up a chair before them, make herself comfortable and wait to see which of the quivering quartet crashes from sheer exhaustion first.

But Brute has a different plan.

While his cruel mistress is distracted, the hulking henchman sees his chance for freedom. He overpowers his beautiful boss, gagging her and taping her to her chair with the same tape he used on the heroines! The fidgeting foursome becomes a captive quintet as the mute monster makes his escape!

Caroline Pierce as Plunder Woman
Sandra Silvers as FreeDom

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