Captured Cop: Bound & Interrogated Pt 1

13:40 video

Officer Pierce shows up to a house to investigate a call. She looks around and seeing nothing, phones back into toe precinct to say it must've been a flase alarm. 
She was wrong, very wrong.
She gets grabbed from behind and wrestled to a chair where she's taped-tied. 
The Bad Guy has plans to extract information from Officer Pierce. He wantss information to get into the evidence locker at Police Headquarters, so he can steal the valuable diamond that is being held in there.
Officer Pierce struggles, fights, talks back, and tries to negotiate. And when she's left alone, she even tries to escape!
But none of that works.

Part ONE of FOUR

***this was a custom video commission. Want  your own custom made video? Let's talk! 

DiD, bondage, tape, tape gag, panty stuffing, mouth stuffing, over shoulder carry, 

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