Captured Cop: Bound & Interrogated Pt 2

13:25 video

In the last instalment, Officer Pierce had shown up on a call only to find the sceene was quiet and nothing was amiss. After calling back into the precinct to say it was a false alarm, she was grabbed form behind, tied up, interrogated, attempted to escape, only to get grabbed by the Criminlal Captor again. This time he knocks her out and carries her off elsewhere. 

Which is where we come into the story here:

The Criminal Captor carries the limp form of Officer Pierce into another room and lays her down onto a sofa. She's still very much unconscious. The Criminal proceeds to strip her down to her underwear, and binds her again, this time using black tape. When she finally starts to come to, she puts up a fight and starts screaming, only to be harshly quieted by the Criminal who stuffs the Officer's own stocking into her mouth and taping it shut. 

He lets her struggle and fight a bit. Then comes back and ungags her to try to get information he wants, which she refuses to do, so he stuffs her other stocking in her mouth and tape gags her again. The Criminal lets her fight and struggle some more, but decides that knocking her out again will make transporting her to another location much, much easier.  

Part TWO of FOUR

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DiD, bondage, tape, tape gag, stocking stuffing, mouth stuffing, over shoulder carry, KO, lingerie, 

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