Captured Cop: Bound & Interrogated Pt 3

10:11 video

In the last instalment, the Criminal Captor over-the-shoulder carries the still-knocked-out Officer Pierce in, lays her on a couch, strips her down to only her underwear, then rebinds her tightly with black tape.  He gags her with her own stockings after she awakens and starts screaming. The Criminal Captor

Being fed up with his attempts to get the information that he wants from Officer Pierce, he knocks her out again and carries her off to take her elsewhere.

Which is where we come into the story here:

The Criminal Captor, with the lingerie-clad Officer Pierce slung over his shoulder, comes outside to his vehicle, opens the hatch, and dumps the unconscious woman in the back.
Officer Pierce wakes up right as the car starts and takes off down a long and twisting road, to whatever horrible fate awaits her in the next and final episode. 

***this was a custom video commission. Want  your own custom made video? Let's talk! 

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